Google Billing Library

Hi guys,
will you be updating the expo-in-app-purchases library to support Billing Library Version 3 or newer?
Google Play makes it a requirement from November 2021 on.
Thank you


expo-in-app-purchases@11.0.0 is published with the update :+1:

Hello! I using expo-in-app-purchases v11.0.1 but google console says me: “This app uses an unsupported version of Play Billing. To publish it, update the Payments library to version 3 or later”. I’m confused…How can I get billing to work? P.S.: sorry for my bad eng

Hi! I don’t think you have correctly installed the new library. It relies on google play billing v4

I do it with “yarn add expo-in-app-purchases”, and in my package.json i see “expo-in-app-purchases”: “^11.0.1”,. I runs expo build:android, then uploading *.aab to google play, but again seeing this error :persevere: have any thoughts on this?

Expo in app purchases are not supported via expo build:android, please read the docs