Google auth not working in production

I dont understand why it works fine on simulator both on mac and also inside the expo app on my phone… but after deploying it to production it throws this error.

expo version: 21

Currently, this one specific to ios.

Heres my code snippet,

  try {
    const result = await Expo.Google.logInAsync({
      androidClientId: '',
      iosClientId: '',
      scopes: ['profile', 'email'],

    if (result.type === 'success') {

do i need to add these lines in the app.json ?

“config”: {
“googleSignIn”: {
“apiKey”: “AIzaSyBrUCmrE1soRpQ1S47KYhJkZiqhirusH1o”,
“certificateHash”: “1746BECB2497593B3296903145793BC0BE8C426B”

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