Google Api Error: forbidden: The Android App Bundle was signed with the wrong key

So I have published an app (built with eas build --platform android) on the google play store. But having lost my keystore file; I have asked google play store support to generate a new upload key which they did successfully. I download the .pem file from expo servers and uploaded it to Google for the new upload key generation (per google instructions). Now I received an email from google telling me that a new upload key has been registered for my app with the following instructions.

Make sure to update your keystores in the following locations:

  • Local machine
  • Locked on-site server (varying ACLs)
  • Cloud machine (varying ACLs)
  • Dedicated secrets management services
  • (git) repos

The new key will be usable from: 2021-06-30 01:49:33 UTC.

Now I’m not exactly sure how to proceed next. I read the guidelines from expo here but it is still not clear what are the exact steps to take.

I tried to run eas submit, to submit my latest app bundle but I’m getting the error mentioned in the title.

Thank you for helping me to solve this issue.

credentials on android for EAS and classic builds are separated, if you extracted pem file from keystore using expo-cli you need to download that keystore using expo fetch:android:keystore and upload it to EAS using eas credentials

Thanks for your quick answer. I have run eas credentials and these are the options:

❯   Update credentials.json with values from EAS servers
    Update credentials on EAS servers with values from credentials.json
    Update Keystore
    Remove Keystore
    Download Keystore from the EAS servers
    Go back to project list

What option should I pick (I don’t want to mess things up)? Should I first download Keystore from EAS server and then update my local credentials.json with values from server?

Any one can help me on the issue please? I’ve been stuck here for more than 1 week. Please I’m in desperate need for help.