Git Import not working on Snack

When I try to import any of my react native projects from git in order to view them using Snack, the project does not seem to run. I do not receive any sort of error message but rather the message, “There was a problem loading the requested app” and then displays the url of the app is attempting to load.

Here is the link of the project I am trying to run:

It is the default project that is generated upon an expo-init.

Is anyone else having similar troubles when it comes to importing a project from git and then running it either on the Snack simulator or an Expo Client App?

Hey @swkane,

Just for clarity’s sake, the project is successfully imported but it fails to run? Or does the import fail? Also, is your repo you’re trying to import publicly accessible? If not, it has to be to be imported.



Hey Adam,
It imports successfully but fails to run. My repo is publicly accessible.



If you or anyone else has had any luck importing git repositories any help would be much appreciated. This feature has worked in the past for me. I am not sure what I am doing differently.

This is what I see after importing and failing to load.09%20AM

Thanks for reporting! The issue was on our end, but should be resolved now.

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@thetc Thank you so much for taking care of this!

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