Getting getstream/react-native-example running

I realize third party repos that use expo aren’t maintained by the expo team but I thought I would ask if anyone has successfully gotten react-native-example to run. It’s at GitHub - GetStream/react-native-example: React Native Activity Feed example application

This repo was last updated several months ago and it appears to have broken. I added a GitHub issue on their project but I thought I’d ask here.

When I try to start it the iOS app expects expo 40.0.0 and my expo is 45.0.0. As a result when I run their app in expo go I get an error message that expo go won’t support this app. Trying it in a web browser gives me a blank screen with no errors on the console.

Is there a good way to install a previous version of expo and dependencies. I probably need a previous version of expo go as well.

Try cloning the example app and running expo upgrade.

If something breaks then maybe try one SDK version at a time.

expo upgrade 41

Test it. If it doesn’t work, read the release blog post for that SDK version and take care of any breaking changes.


expo upgrade 42


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