Getting Expo Web To Work with Custom Domain on Github Pages

It took several days to work through the issues so I wanted to put this out here as a help to anyone who has this same issue in the future.

I followed the instructions in the docs to deploy my website to github pages:

This worked and I could view my webapp on

However, when I attempted to use a custom domain in the github settings I continued to get a 404 error with issues related to the Manifest.json.

The problem is that you need to set a baseHref which you can do so by updating package.json with the following:

  "homepage": ""

Hopefully, this helps someone in the future.


Hmm, I’m facing the same bug but that didn’t solve it for me…

It actually works fine with the normal domain for me, but after I re-deploy, the custom domain gets taken out of my settings in Github. It seems to be the same issue as this: Deploying seems to overwrite custom domain · Issue #213 · tschaub/gh-pages · GitHub

The solution appears to be to publish a CNAME file in the web-build branch whenever expo web deploys. Not sure how to do that, though.

Maybe you could help here too? [WEB] Deploy Amplify and use in <div id="root"/> instead of iFrame

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