Getting "Couldn't start project on Android: Access is denied." Trying to start on Android

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  1. SDK Version: 38.0.4
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android

I am receiving the following error when I try to run my Expo app on an Android device using Expo CLI and the “A” option.

Logs for your project will appear below. Press Ctrl+C to exit.
Trying to open the project on Android...
Couldn't start project on Android: Access is denied.

Here is a screenshot of the error from the Expo Developer Tools window:

  • I received the same error using expo-cli version 3.21.13 and 3.20.0
  • The same thing happens when I attempt to use an Android emulator that I started using AVD
  • It also happens when I choose “Run on Android device/emulator” in the Expo Developer Tools window
  • I’ve confirmed that adb is able to detect both of my physical devices.
  • I was able to successfully run a basic Android app created from one of Android Studio’s built-in templates
  • I am able to run the app by opening the Expo client on the device and selecting the project after I’ve started the Expo CLI

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Hey @reggie3, I haven’t been able to replicate this. What OS are you on?


@adamjnav I’m on Windows 10 Home build 18362.900
node version is 14.4.0

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