getting an Image bitmap? AKA, building advanced image manipulation tools

I’ve built a fairly sizable app using Expo, its really a wonderful framework and I’m super happy with how its all working out.

I’m doing some simple cropping with ImageManipulator and doing some color balance shifting using ExpoPixi, but in both cases I’m just modifying the image based on user input and I’d like to do more and be smarter about this.

Just one example is autocropping. I’d like to automatically trim negative space or where the image doesn’t have a lot of definition (out of focus). There are great algorithms for doing this on a matrix of bitmap data, but after a week of searching and experiments I’m still stuck actually inspecting getting an image into a bitmap. I CAN do this with native code, browser canvas, or server side node - but I’m just not able to get there with Expo. I’ve gone through the source code for PIXI and @expo/browser-polyfill, but can’t seem to find a clear way of converting an image to an array.

Can anyone provide any examples on getting an bitmapped array from an Image in Expo?

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