Getting a 404 using push notifications

Im getting 404 using the push notifications service.

Here is the url im using;

Hi @cono52, that endpoint responds only to POST requests. Can you please confirm you’re using POSTs and not GETs, for example?

I also recommend you look at existing libraries for sending Expo push notifications like:

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I had a similar issue today. I was testing my lambda (hosted in AWS) which calls the api. It was working fine, but after a bit of too much repeated testing of the lambda the request was being returned with 404. The same lambda when I ran locally was returning me expected response.

So is there some rule on the expo push notification api that too many requests from a particular server (AWS in this case) in short span of time will be considered as DNS attack and hence 404s are returned ?

There’s no rule like that. We had some uptime issues around 7am PST today so that could be related.

I would rather say it was around 3:30 AM BST that I experienced 404. But it still doesnt explain the inconsistency on how requests from some clients succeeded at the same time while from a specific client it failed.