getProductsAsync returns nothing


getProductsAsync() returns an empty array on my iPhone (I’m using Xcode to deploy directly to my iPhone XS).

await InAppPurchases.connectAsync();
const items = ['monthly'];
const { responseCode, results } = await InAppPurchases.getProductsAsync(items);
if (responseCode === InAppPurchases.IAPResponseCode.OK) {

On screen I’m rendering {itemsLength} , which returns 0.

On App Store Connect I have a subscription with product ID: monthly and is Ready to Submit

Expo SDK 40

Any ideas?

Bump, exactly the same here

Same problem here. What is worse is that we have about 10 products, and some of them work fine but other don’t. Empy array is returned by InAppPurchases.getProductsAsync().

Any solution?