getExpoPushTokenAsync never resolves

I’m trying to migrate our app to the bare workflow off the managed workflow. I’ve successfully ejected from expo v37, and trying to get “expo-notifications” to replace the existing notifications.

When I do

    const token = await getExpoPushTokenAsync({
        experienceId: "@MY_USER/MY_SLUG",

my JS thread hangs, and the promise never resolves. No error or anything.

This is on iOS. I’ve already set ios.bundleIdentifier to the correct value in app.json, and I’ve run expo credentials:manager to use my existing APNS certificate.

For anyone looking, I found a solution (at least for my case). You need to set up a firebase config ( and then move GoogleService-Info.plist into the iOS folder and add it to your xcode project. After I did that, it started working for me.