getaddrinfo enoent

Hi everyone,

First here are my diagnostics:

During the development of one of my expo projects all of a sudden, I encountered the described error message.

On the local network, I cannot log in to the expo client app on android emulator and a physical device. Also not through the expo-cli expo login command.

Login out of the expo forums also executes a call to and thus fails for me.

What might this be? A DNS issue as stated in related issues?

BTW, I created a new blank test project and this issue also occurs!

For now I can run the application I’m currently working on with expo start --offline, so no haste!

Anyone able to help me? I’m still facing this issue.
I cannot build/deploy to my release-channels now.

Hi @cerenta
I have the same issue.
Is it your problem already resolved?

Thank you

No not yet, didn’t really look any further though :stuck_out_tongue:
Did you manage to resolve this issue?

Please help

Try opening in browser

check system date settings/certificate issue/network connectivity

ENOENT basically means it can’t resolve the hostname. So there’s something wrong with DNS by the looks of it.

What do you get if you try to resolve it using nslookup?

$ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

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