Get Wifi List in range

  1. SDK Version:expo 33.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android):

Hi everyone, I’m new in React Native and Expo sdk development.
I need to list the wifi which are in range and i don’t find any solution…

Sorry for my poor english, i’m french :wink:

Someone have a solution to get the wifi list ?


I find this component “react-native-android-wifi” and it will be great.
I understand that I have to “eject” my expo project after install and link my component.
All these steps are ok.

But when i try my app with expo start, it’s not working yet. I don’t understand my mistake.
I need help please.


Nobody can help me ?

Hey @jeanfrancoisdavid,

As you indicated, you’ll need to access to native code so you’ll want to use the Bare workflow or ExpoKit. The Bare workflow is a much better experience but at the moment you would lose Expo’s OTA update functionality.

Once you’ve linked your library, you’ll run expo start and then build the app either in Xcode or Android Studio. Once it’s built it will fetch the JS bundle being served from the CLI.

If you are running into issues with that, please explain in detail exactly what is happening.


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