Get Params From AppStore/GooglePlay Within Managed Workflow

Is it possible to get any params from the linking the user was directed to the AppStore/GooglePlay?

I know expo-linking (Linking - Expo Documentation) provides such functionality, but in order to make use of it, the user should have already installed the app. I need a flow that will provide me params, from where user was navigated to corresponding store page.

Firebase Dynamic Links(Firebase Dynamic Links  |  Firebase Documentation) provides such functionality, is it possible to grab this info, with surviving till the app is installed and launched for the first time?

SDK Version: 40
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS

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I have a managed workflow app and am facing a similar issue: the data provided in Firebase dynamic links isn’t surviving the app installation process.

The links worked fine when testing with a standalone app: when the user didn’t have the app, they got directed to the App Store/Play Store* and when they did have the app, the link was handled using Expo’s Linking.getInitialUrl().

We’ve created another app that simply displays the incoming URL in a modal. Coming straight from the app store, it displays only the custom URL scheme myapp://.

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