Get Params From AppStore/GooglePlay Within Managed Workflow

Is it possible to get any params from the linking the user was directed to the AppStore/GooglePlay?

I know expo-linking (Linking - Expo Documentation) provides such functionality, but in order to make use of it, the user should have already installed the app. I need a flow that will provide me params, from where user was navigated to corresponding store page.

Firebase Dynamic Links(Firebase Dynamic Links) provides such functionality, is it possible to grab this info, with surviving till the app is installed and launched for the first time?

SDK Version: 40
Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Android/iOS

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I have a managed workflow app and am facing a similar issue: the data provided in Firebase dynamic links isn’t surviving the app installation process.

The links worked fine when testing with a standalone app: when the user didn’t have the app, they got directed to the App Store/Play Store* and when they did have the app, the link was handled using Expo’s Linking.getInitialUrl().

We’ve created another app that simply displays the incoming URL in a modal. Coming straight from the app store, it displays only the custom URL scheme myapp://.

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