Get Android application info

I was trying to get the uid generated by Android when the app is installed in a device using Expo, but I have not been able to do it. Does anyone know how to do it or if it is possible?

From Java I know that it is available a context from where you can use getApplicationInfo().uid to get the user id

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Hey @ssanchez,

I believe this may be what you are referring to:



That one seems to be related to Expo Client, in my case, I am trying to get the uid when the app is built as standalone.

Anyway, thanks @adamjnav for your response. Any other suggestion?



I think you could still use this number as id of installation of your app.

What seems to not be available is the device id - see:

Hi @jakubste,

Thanks for your reply. My intention is not to get a kind of unique installation id, I would like to get the real UID generated by Android kernel when an app is installed. I want to use this UID to open app notification settings via IntentLauncher as I mention in the following post

Any other help?

Cheers, Sergio.

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