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I made Geoflow, an app that uses your mobile location to find nearby Wikipedia articles. The Android version is coming soon, the iOS version can be found here:

Would love suggestions! Useful for travelers


Cool Patrick!

Do you have an Expo link so that people could try it in within the Expo client or did you detach/eject?

Congrats on your launch!! Downloading the app now.


Yes, I do! have not detached it though am considering doing so to integrate Fabric / Firebase analytics

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Have you tried using Amplitude for analytics? That’s already built in and is good.

I like the app a lot. It’s very cool to be able to learn about the stuff in this neighborhood so easily. Thanks for making this.

This is really awesome! Good work.

Small suggestion: A share button of some kind, so I can pester my friends with article links when I find something I think is interesting.

I have been using Amplitude + Segment a bit, still getting to know their platforms a bit. I like the Fabric real-time dashboards.

And thanks for the nice comment! I’m glad you like it and hope to continually improve it

Thanks! I appreciate that. A share button is great idea, but I’m not sure how to integrate it elegantly - the WebBrowser window already has a share view so you can send the link you’re on.

Maybe I’ll add a button in the list view

Update, put together a splash page: for links to the Play Store and App Store


This is pretty great! :open_mouth:

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Maybe you could also put the Expo direct link on your website too? That way people with Expo could try it out immediately.

@nikki Thank you! That’s a good idea to add the Expo link - Expo should have a button / image similar to the App Store or Google Play store ones you see everywhere

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Excuse my noobness, but is there a way to see this project source with the provided link?

We don’t have a built in link to view source right now so the author would have to include a link to the source in the app (or post one here) for you to see it.

We’re thinking of making it easy to do that but we haven’t yet.

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