Generate keystore from command line


I would like to let expo handle the process of generating the keystrore. but I would like to do it before expo build:android is invoked for the first time or as part of the expo build:android with some argument.

Is it possible?
I am trying to create an automation for building an apk and once the command expo build:android is invoked for the first time it’s required to answer on how to handle the keystore and it making my automation stuck.

Don’t really see any use cases for that. Why would you need your automation to handle first build?

Few options depending on what you actually want to achieve:

  • You can do this with with expo credntials:manager , but it’s interactive command so I’m not sure if that is what you want.
  • If you ran build:android with --non-interactive flag it will fail instead blocking.
  • generate new keystore with keytool and run build android specifying everything manually --keystore-path

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