GDPR compliance

As far as I can see, Expo is not GDPR compliant. Tracking is enabled by default, and there’s no way to opt out. GDPR requires that tracking is opt-in, unchecked by default.

Do you have this in your roadmap? Or can’t Expo be used in Europe at all anymore?

Hi @thomfre - we of course want Expo and apps made with Expo to comply with the GDPR. In general, most of the data collection is necessary for operating the service. There are also some opt-out flags as well. Aside from code Expo has provided, your app can (and should, if necessary) show an opt-in confirmation screen too. This is a summary of how apps made with Expo use data: Apps made with Expo and GDPR compliance

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Thank you for the summary! I’m still not sure Expo can be used without detaching it, at least not in Europe. But at least now I know exactly what you do.

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