From FCM to Expo Notifications

I am trying to find how I could do



I do not see anywhere I could do the same functionality, or if I need it to do, what could be the alternative if any?

Hi Ubi,
Sorry, I’m not very familiar with that library. Do you know what deleting the instance ID does? Remove that client as a valid recipient of notifications?

The nice feature with FCM is that I can assign an ID to the message so I can reference later.

Expo.Notifications.scheduleLocalNotificationAsync give that ID back but now the issue I am facing is that I will have to maintain a hash with for example { myObjectId: notificationId } because I can have myObjectId at any time (that object come from my database) but I can’t have notificationId. The uses cases is invalidating an appointment notification for example if you remove the appointment

So I am wondering if there is a way I could assign an ID to the notification instead of you giving me one.

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