[For Testing] Detaching for AdHoc Provisioning profiles - Hockey App


I need put adhoc provisioning profiles on my ios build for publish on hockey app.
Can I do that detaching to expo kit?

Is the right way to acomplish that? Should I proceed doing this?

Thank you

For those who have the same doubt. Yes, the only way to distribute your app at hockey for a bunch of testers is registering the tester’s devices at developer.apple.com, generate provisioning profiles and building again. I think there’s no way to do that with expo without detaching. For now.

You can still use exp publish as a second lane to developers access your app if you run npm run eject with expo kit.

hey @yurikilian, we dont have support for Hockey app, afaik we only support Testflight. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Detaching to expo kit and using my own certificate and adhoc provisioning profile did the trick.
It would be great if this were exposed in the documentation despite the Apple docs because most new developers go with expo and don’t know this implicitly.

Thank you.