Font size bigger on Iphone XR

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  1. SDK Version: 35
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS
    The problem is quite simple but I didn’t find a workaround yet. My fonts are simply bigger (a lot bigger) on Iphone XR and I can’t find how to fix it. As you can see it ruins my layout.

Android screenshot:android

Iphone XR screenshot:

How can I resolve this?

can you provide a simple isolated reproducible example on easier for us to help out like that.

to verify that this is something in your code, run the default example when you go to on both ios and android and notice that the font sizes are very similar

Unfortunately I don’t have access to an Iphone XR (it was a screenshot of my clients) to test that way.
Could you see anything that would produce that behavior though? I’m using a custom font and applying fontSize everywhere I use it.

if you have a macos device you can open an iphone xr simulator to test it out. i do not know of what could cause the behavior without seeing some code that reproduces it :slight_smile:

Any chance you have changed the system font size? I had this problem on a test phone and that turned out to be the issue. I ended up having to add “allowFontScaling={false}” to every Text element in order to prevent scaling issues


That seems to be it yes :slight_smile: Thanks a lot

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