Font.loadAsync throws exception on ejected app

Looks like this issue has been referenced before but this post did not receive any replies.

I’m trying to load some fonts into my recently ejected app (SDK31) and I get the following error:

[Error: File ‘file:///Users/edwardchen/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/F7D13047-C94B-41E7-8E2E-80726AEBC433/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/F79874FF-716E-4B45-BF94-5492357A280B/’ for font ‘59825C1F-B24B-4DE1-AA38-7CA2F42CB18D-comfortaa-bold’ doesn’t exist]

I had no issues before ejecting and did not run into this issue for the first day or so after ejecting. Should I try to load my fonts without using Font from Expo? Any guidance would be much appreciated!

Looks like other people have noticed the issue where the app shows a blank screen, and it seems from this post that the issue was fixed (, but I’ve noticed on the expo developers slack that people have the same problems even after the time that the fix went.

Not sure what’s going on but I’m going to try to downgrade to SDK29.

Downgraded to SDK 29 and so far that looks to have fixed the problem.
Tried SDK 30 as well but Font.loadAsync still threw the same exception.

Sorry you had to downgrade to get around this @edwardchen. Would you mind opening a new issue with all the relevant information you’ve discovered regarding this font loading issue on SDK30 & 31?

Sure, it’s here:

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Much appreciated!

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