Flipper on Windows in Bare Workflow (SDK38 and SDK39)

The SDK38 release mentions Flipper being available now due to being baked into RN 0.62. This works well for me on iOS, however when running on Windows I am unable to get Flipper to connect, which I believe is due to Devtools launching in the browser automatically. No matter how many time I close the Devtools browser window it immediately re-launches when I reload a debugged project. Flipper won’t connect. RN Native Debugger will connect just fine and prevent the Devtools tab from auto-opening. The Flipper Diagnostics Activity in Android indicates it can successfully connect when run via adb so I believe it’s configured correctly. The only log I see in Flipper from the React Native device is: “{“type”: “dep_graph_loaded”}”. Then all logs get sent to the Devtools tab. If I close the tab and hit reconnect in Flipper (not reloading the expo app) it also re-launches the Devtools tab. I am not using Hermes. Tested on SDK 38 and 39.

Unfortunately my macOS machine is a slow VM so I can’t really use it for general development due to just how slow it is, so using Flipper that way isn’t too helpful.

Anyone have insight on this?