[Flipper] can't connect to SDK 48 application

  1. SDK Version: 48
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): iOS

Hi! I’ve just upgraded to SDK 48 (using hermes) and tried to connect flipper to my app.

It just gives ‘No application selected’, even though the React DevTools and Hermes Debugger are working.
This results in not being able to load additional plugins as they are ‘App based’

Some more information:

  1. I’ve followed the latest expo flipper guide - Using Flipper - Expo Documentation
  2. I’ve also removed expo-community-flipper from the app.json ‘plugins’ section because it seems that my eas builds were failing from it.
  3. Flipper version - 0.182.0

Would be super helpful if you could point me in the right direction with this issue!

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ealeksandrov, for iOS, this is a known issue between expo-dev-client package and Flipper version and we’re working on resolving this. I’ve also shared your context with the team about not being able to load additional plugins. Are there any specific plugins that you are not able to load?

Hi, @amanhimself , thanks for the fast reply!
I think the issue comes from Bare minimum template contains config that disables Flipper on EAS builds on iOS · Issue #21441 · expo/expo · GitHub .
If the CI=1 check is not there, I think it would solve the problem for eas dev builds, or am I mistaken?

As for the other plugins, I guess it’s normal they are not working as there is no application for them to connect to. E.g. react-native-mmkv, react-query-devtools, etc.

Resolving the CI=1 issue should solve everything as far as I understand.
I guess the alternative is to ditch the eas dev builds and go with local builds…

Seems like the fix on its way (from the issue you linked). I’d suggest keeping an eye on the issue you linked. We’ll be publishing the new template today.

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