Firebase v9 (modular) not working at all in Expo

Does Firebase 9 actually work for anyone on Expo 43 ?

As per the release notes, Recommended firebase version is now 9.0.2. When you run expo upgrade, we will install the new modularfirebase library in your project if you use firebase

So, I’ve upgraded one of my apps to Expo v43, and given the above, I’ve also ported it to Firebase v9.

Now, regardless of the Expo version I install v9 on (tested with 41 and 43), whenever I try to pull any data from Firestore, it says “Could not reach Cloud Firestore backend”. Keep in mind that the Auth works, it’s just the Firestore module crapping out.

I’ve tested the following (brand new expo init setups):

  • Firebase 8 with Expo 41 (everything works)
  • Firebase 9 with Expo 41 (auth works, firestore doesn’t)
  • Firebase 9 with Expo 43 (auth works, firestore doesn’t)

Any clue? Is it just me?

Later edit: Just for fun, I’ve installed expo-firebase-starter which has been updated to expo 43 and firebase 9. Now, it doesn’t have any actual firestore code, and so I’ve added some lines, then sent it to a few of my friends to try it out as well.

Same error, firestore client backend could not be reached.

I think this will help you

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