Firebase Storage Not Uploading Anymore (storage/unknown) via EAS build.


I really need some help here.

I have firebase storage file uploads, everything has been working great for ages. All of a sudden all file uploads return the error storage/unknown but this only happens on builds produced by eas.

Locally via Expo Go everything works as expected.

Now I alerted out my secrets and they seems to be correct, testing on device (through Testflight) so I would say firebase is being configured correctly.

Im trying to trace back recent code additions to see what might have changes / gone on but only think I can think of is something during the build process for EAS but I don’t really know.

Anyone had an issue like this? the error code “storage/unknown” from firebase is really unhelpful.

Firebase: 8.2.3
Expo: 44


I am now testing via simulator builds from expo.

I don’t understand how uploads can work fine via Expo Go and then after building on EAS they no longer work.

My next thought is upgrading to firebase 9 vs 8 but that feels like the version of firebase is not the problem if it’s working when I run the app through Expo Go.

Realised my secret was incorrect in the end, must have made a mistake on just this one secret out of the others.