Firebase permission errors since SDK 33

Ever since we upgraded our standalone app to SDK 33 I’m getting lots of Sentry notified errors like this:

“permission_denied at /users/501093aa-ddf4-4e96-8c58-4ed5cf6acad3/values: Client doesn’t have permission to access the desired data.”

This is evidently happening at this part of the code

     var userId = Constants.deviceId;
  .ref("users/" + userId + "/values/")
    items: this.state.items,
    done: this.state.done

Now, I know the userid exists since I can find it in the database. I thought it was the rules, but they are the same as before before SDK 33

          ".read": "auth !== null",
           ".write": "auth !== null"

Does anybody have any idea what might be going on here? Thanks

Hey @amweiss,

This would likely be something to explore on Firebase’s JS SDK repo as it’s unlikely something that we control. They might have some conflicting issue with RN 0.59 which may explain why the errors started after upgrading to SDK33.


Thanks Adam…I’ll explore on their repo.

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