Firebase/Expo: Verification link in email for authenticating user does not take the user back to Expo home in managed workflow.

Hello Expo fam. I have a question that I’ve seen a lot of people ask about and haven’t gotten any response from the Expo dev on it. If possible, any insight would be incredibly helpful to many people regarding the authentication process in firebase.

I am trying to send a user an email with a link to verify their email before they fully sign into my expo app. The email sends successfully but when the user clicks the link in the email they fail to get redirected back to my application. It just keeps saying something went wrong with trying to finish this process.

I’m not sure if I’m limited to what I can do with firebase within the expo go/managed project, but this is my code.

import { auth } from "./firebase/index";

import { makeRedirectUri } from "expo-auth-session";

export const signInWithEmail = (email) => {
  // this is the URL that redirects the user from clicking the link in the email
  const redirectURL = makeRedirectUri({

    useProxy: true,



    .sendSignInLinkToEmail(email, {

      url: redirectURL,

      handleCodeInApp: true,


    .then((res) => console.log("Email has been sent."));


I’ve tried redirecting the user to, exp:// (can’t use this because google wants domains only). So I’m just kinda pulling my hair out on getting a user authenticated and I can’t find a solution. This sucks because without verifying a user for an app, anyone can just put their email and password in and get access quickly without having to verify that email.

Please help, I know this will help a lot of people and I’ll also spread the word.