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Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way in Expo to filter out photos with things like nudity or violence from a user uploading a photo with the Image Picker? Also keep a user from submitting profanity or hate speech in the app? Apple keeps rejecting me :frowning:

This question probably should have been posted in general.

However I’m interested to see what peoples solutions would be to this. I imagine it would be something along the lines of once a post is made then it would go into an unactive state and then activated upon review by yourself.

Another option would be a report this post button? I don’t think theres any way to stop profanity at the point of upload.

Anyone know what the legal obligations are when allowing users to post content in an app?

What exact reason have Apple given you?

I added a report button for any user and a block button for users you are chatting with. Apple just gave me the boiler plate response for User-Generated Content Safety. I resubmitted with a video showing where those features are so I’ll see what they say.

Maybe you are missing a EULA agreement? If you’re taking the necessary steps I don’t see any other reason why they should reject your app

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Without more context it is difficult to prescribe a solution. The subject matter of your project may just invite a lot of inappropriate content and Apple may just have very little tolerance for certain subjects. Even at Expo we find Apple unpredictable at times.

After scheduling a phone call it was approved.

Excellent, good luck with your app mate

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