File structure issue

Today in snack my project files and structure changed unexpected and don’t save my new changes after i close my project .

Hey @mo3ssam,

Can you share what Snack you were working on, what the unexpected changes were to the file structure and what you mean exactly by it didn’t save my new changes after closing?

If you don’t want to share on here, you can e-mail me at



I’m having a similar issue -

here are 3 similar examples…

example 1 - If I’m working on a snack and create a new file, when I save the file after I rename it, often it will keep the same file but make a new one with the edited name… so now I have 2 files… interestingly, when I goto delete one of these files it often won’t delete.

example 2 - I make a file called RedButton and save it and then import it into my project - sometimes it will give me an error like it can’t find it when I go back the next day… I then have to go into RedButton . JS and change the name… the name can be the same I just have to make an edit so it recognizes it.

example 3 - sometimes when I’m making changes a random error will be thrown and have a little green squiggly highlight some where… can’t remember the error offhand, however, when I see this error I usually just ctrl+a, delete, ctrl+c or I will click to format all text - this usually resolves the issue. (It almost seems like the error checker hasn’t received the new code.)

I personally love the snack/expo IDE…I would work in it the whole time if I could!

Because of these three issues it feels broken to me right now… :frowning:

If there is something I can do to help, just let me know !

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just had the perfect example of what I’m running into with snacks right now.

I was working on something … I then created a few additional files and lost some of my work.

Thanks Matt, would really love to track this down.
The autosave only captures everything you have changed periodically, not on every change. Do you know if the changes occurred after snack displayed “All changes saved”? Could you describe how you are using snack. I’m specifically curious if you have multiple tabs open at the same time, but any information you can provide would be useful.

No problem… hey is there any chance you can grab the state of the file for me before I made the changes in the last hour? I’m still new to react-native and having to rewrite that code is going to take a while…

To answer your question -

I left it open in a tab on my computer … went away for about 2 hours then came back and started making a few files in a folder. after that it seemed to just wipe everything I did from about 5 hours earlier! So about 2 hours of work was missing … specifically just some text in the app.js file if I recall correctly.

I’m pretty sure I had multiple tabs open as this is usually the case but I cannot confirm.

If you need more detail or need me to screen share to show you what it looks like on my end when I’m saving files, etc. Let me know.

Here to help :sunglasses:

Unfortunately we don’t have access to anything you don’t have already.
I would guess what is happening is you have the snack opens in 2 tabs, made changes in one, and then when you came back to the browser made changes in an earlier version which overwrote your changes.
We’ll see what we can do to make that harder to run in to :confused:

bummer… well, I guess maybe another consideration is a way to review history of changes… for situations just like this one, that would be extremely helpful… going forward I will try to be smarter about saving my work in a text editor or something on my side.

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