Field "id" missing in Expo API Response

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This question is about using the Expo PushNotification API with PHP, specifically using the ExpoTransport of the Symfony Notifier.

The Expo Push Notification API ( Sending Notifications with Expo’s Push API - Expo Documentation ) states that a “id” is returned in the data array in the response. However, if a “DeviceNotRegistered” response is returned, that id is not contained in the response. The status code of the HTTP Response is 200 though - so Symfony will not regard this as a failed request and expect an id to be returned (see expo-notifier/ExpoTransport.php at f6b53cace7b47ce76e463ce12db3fb735fb6ccab · symfony/expo-notifier · GitHub ). Funny thing is - until recently an id was returned, even for “error” cases - but not any more. Am I overlooking something or is this a real and desired change in the API’s behaviour?

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