Fetching Image from internal Website with self-signed Certificates

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 47
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): Andorid mainly

How can I fetch or open an Image that comes from a website that is from my company?

We have an internal website where we store images, I want to use the link as the URI of the image.

                      height: 50,
                      width: 50,
                      uri: `https://www.company.lan/images/prog/${item.picture_path}`,

The item.picture_path holds the pic name for example: spaghetti.jpg.

I installed the 2 Certs that are needed to reach the website on the Emulator successfully.

If I open this link in the Browser inside my Emulator I can see the picture with no Problem.

However if I want to view it as a picture inside my App it does show a blank one. Using an Image from any Website works.

Is there something I have to tell Expo to make it work? How is it possible that the Certs are installed correctly and I can view it inside Browser but not in the app?

Any help on this??? I was thinking about rn-fetch-blob… but maybe there is a way to handle this in expo only?

I need another way tbh because you cant use rn-fetch-blob with Expo!

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