Feature request: allow override git commit requirement

During setting up/testing EAS build, I noticed that when running any build, I cannot proceed without committing my changes. In most cases, a valid requirement, but when you’re tweaking and reverting eas.json and credentials.json and other settings, I really don’t need 30 commits to my git repo as a testament to my tinkering.

A simple command-line switch to allow me to kick off a build with a dirty git would be greatly appreciated.

Looking at the existing implementations in expo-cli and other places, it would be nice if eas-cli adhered to the same EXPO_NO_GIT_STATUS environment variable to continue on dirty git status.

we use a shallow git clone to prepare tarball that is uploaded to the workers, if clean git staus was not required you local changes would not get uploaded to the worker.

it’s not recommended, but you can build with EAS_NO_VCS env. It has some drawbacks

  • commit hash (and potentially some other metadata) won’t be available
  • upload might be bigger (.easignore and .gitignore in project root is supported, but .gitingore in subdirectories will not be respected
  • if you have monorepo you will also need to specify EAS_PROJECT_ROOT otherwise it will default to dir with eas.json
  • you might miss some warnings that eas-cli would display based on the fact if some files are staged/tracked/ignored