Fastlane deploy

Trying to deploy app to app store and play store using fastlane, following the steps below,

  1. Detach expo app
  2. Use fastlane to deploy the app.

Below are my questions

  1. Are there any other steps involved?
  2. Do I really have to detach app to deploy using fastlane?
  3. If I did detach how do I reattach app to use expo again?

Thank you.

You don’t need to detach the app to deploy using fastlane.

exp build:ios produces an app-store-signed IPA of your app. If you want to use fastlane to deploy this to your testers via TestFlight, you can use fastlane pilot upload from the same directory where you’ve downloaded that IPA.

I would like to avoid using exp build:ios, having said that I understand you have to detach the app.

If I do detach how would I get to using expo again for development.

To answer your original question

Do I really have to detach app to deploy using fastlane?

The answer is “no”.

If you really want to detach the app for some other reason (hopefully you have a reason), then I recommend reading the docs which explain how to use a detached project in development. The expected workflow from that point is that you would not “reattach.”

Thank you for your response, but I have noticed that the apk built using expo build:android doesn’t crash after install but the apk built using fastlane crashes immediately after opening the app. Let me know if there is a detailed tutorial on deploying expo apps using fastlane. The app size reduces from 20MB to 11MB, I am assuming it is because some files are missing when built using fastlane.

Please advice on good steps to follow while deploy expo using fastlane.

Thanks in advance.

Is there currently any way to automate the process of downloading the IPA that exp build:ios generates? I am looking to ways to implement automated deployment with TravisCI.

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