Fastlane cannot find project files

I’m trying to use pilot to upload a standalone app to TestFlight. I’ve downloaded fastlane. I’m now trying to generate a fastfile and it is asking me "Couldn't automatically detect the project file, please provide a path:" but I have no idea what to provide in an expo folder structure for this?

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What’s the exact command you’re using?

Try using:

fastlane pilot upload

Okay, when I use fastlane pilot upload, then I get another problem instead.

[10:21:09]: Login successful
[10:21:10]: Ready to upload new build to TestFlight (App: 1239304732)…
[10:21:12]: Going to upload updated app to iTunes Connect
[10:21:12]: This might take a few minutes. Please don’t interrupt the script.
[10:21:20]: [Transporter Error Output]: Your Apple ID or password was entered incorrectly. (-20101)

I know I have entered the correct apple username and password, cause I have logged into itunes connect with it.

@vayu Were you able to resolve this ? Im new to fastlane I get this error when i try use the above command.