Fastlane automation, multiple standalone apps

I currently manage a codebase that is published to multiple standalone apps, under different Apple Developer Accounts (over 100, each one published on both App Store and Google Play, to be a little more precise), and this number will potentially keep getting bigger. It is getting to a point where, when I want to upgrade expo SDK, it takes almost a full month to go through the process of updating each one of all the apps manually. So I came across this post on the forum about fastlane + expo automation, and found it very interesting, but I have one issue with this process: One of the requirements is that you have the App Store Connect and Google Play credentials stored in the expo server, which I have, but they are multiple. The way I go about this when I’m updating an app is, I clear the credentials, run the build command, it will then ask me for the credentials, and I point to the correct ones for that specific app, a process that wouldn’t be ideal for automation. Now, to the main question of this thread:

Is it possible to use expo credentials:manager as a --non-interactive command, where I could choose which existing credentials I want to use before building on each iteration of the script?

If not, would opening an issue/request on the GitHub expo-cli repo be my best shot at getting it implemented?

Thanks in advance.

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