Failed to resolve dependency 'react-native-maps@0.28.1' (Cannot resolve module react-dom/unstable-native-dependencies after installing it as a dependency)

I am working on Expo Snack trying just to “import MapView from ‘react-native-maps’;”
I am getting the error written in the title. I attached some screenshots.

Has anyone came across this issue?

Hey @quinterocar, I was able to reproduce the error as well using the Snack example from our docs. We’ll have to investigate this and get back to you here once we’ve found out more.


Hey @adamjnav, that would be very helpful. I appreciate you will investigate on this.

Thanks a lot,

This appears to be a react native maps issue. The package is trying to add a dependency that doesn’t exist (react-dom/unstable).

I am also running into this problem using Snack.

change the package json to use version 0.28.0