Facing issue with expo login with expo dev


Configuration list:
yarn config v1.22.19
info yarn config
‘version-tag-prefix’: ‘v’,
‘version-git-tag’: true,
‘version-commit-hooks’: true,
‘version-git-sign’: false,
‘version-git-message’: ‘v%s’,
‘init-version’: ‘1.0.0’,
‘init-license’: ‘MIT’,
‘save-prefix’: ‘^’,
‘bin-links’: true,
‘ignore-scripts’: false,
‘ignore-optional’: false,
registry: ‘https://registry.yarnpkg.com/’,
‘strict-ssl’: true,
‘user-agent’: ‘yarn/1.22.19 npm/? node/v14.20.0 win32 x64’,
enableStrictSsl: false,
lastUpdateCheck: 1672211983429
info npm config
‘strict-ssl’: false,
registry: ‘https://registry.npmjs.org/

Hi @mageswariradha, I’d suggest upgrading to Node.js version 16 on your development machine.

Here is the in-detail answer from a similar post in the community posted some time back that you can take a look: