FaceDetector how to get Pitch angle

Hi all,
According the documentation FaceDetector returns rollAngle and yawAngle. But how to get pitchAngle?
Is there some common solution to get pitch angle from landmask, or I just can extends face object?
expo sdk “36.0.0”
expo-face-detector: “8.0.0”
expo-camera: “8.0.0”

  1. The are no pocebility to get pitch angle because of google face recognition api limitation:

The Euler X , Euler Y , and Euler Z angles characterize a face’s orientation as shown in Fig. 1. The Face API provides measurement of Euler Y and Euler Z (but not Euler X) for detected faces.

  1. I’ve not found libraries or algoritms to calculate the pitch angle from landmask.

Have you found any solution to find the pitch angle?

Unfortunately no.

Hi I’m still interested in getting the Pitch - have you found a solution meanwhile using Expo FaceDetector?