Facebook login not working on iOS 13 after upgrading to Expo 35

SDK Version: 35

After iOS 13 came out my app no longer has a functioning Facebook login on an iPhone X device with the latest iOS (13.1.2). It works fine in the iOS 13 simulator however, as well as on iOS 12 devices.

The main problem is that the Continue button is not tappable. The only way out is to cancel.

Secondary problem is that the overlay with the Facebook login doesn’t fully fill the screen. Note the top part of the screenshot is showing a bit of the view behind it.

Hey @auspiciousiman,

Would you be able to create a Github Issue with as much relevant information and a reproducible example so we can track this properly?


Sure thing, I’ll try to put together a reproducer and create a Github Issue for this.

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Thank you!

Just wanted to note that this problem seems to have gone away magically. At the very least I cannot reproduce it any more on my iPhone X with the latest iOS 13. It may have been a one-off issue with my device or there have been some server side fixes on the Facebook side that fixed it.

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Interesting. Please do let me know if you encounter it again!

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