Facebook login Native behavior Safari Problem


I m using facebook login with native behavior and I have a serious problem.
after click, it notice me as below and can not login… Please help
"Safari couldn’t open the url because it is invalid"

Have you built you app? Native behaviour is only supported in standalone apps.

I did not rebuild after set it to native behavior. but ı test on standalone app after publish on xde.

Ok, that should work. I would guess you are trying to redirect directly to the exp protocol

Take a look at: Facebook Login/Auth CRNA Expo

I did not add facebookScheme before built. is it necessary to build after set the facebookScheme??

I don’t believe so, but not positive. I was pointing toward the need to set up a server to handle the redirect on a protocol FB will allow

I have rebuilded after set facebookScheme and it works:D I guess if we add some codes on app.json, we need to rebuild sometimes…

Everytime you modify the app.json, you need to rebuild your app. But it’s important to know that by building a new version, it WILL publish too. So it will update all your user before building. The only way to prevent the publish to your current user is to update the Expo SDK. Because it only publish for the app having the same SDK.

Thanks a lot for good notice…:slight_smile: