Facebook login modal shows under react native modal

I am showing some content inside the react native Modal. Inside that modal, my component invokes Facebook.logInWithReadPermissionsAsync, which has the default to show the system iOS modal. But this modal seems to show under my modal. Because when I close my modal, the facebook login modal is remained open.
Sounds like react native modal shows on top of the facebook login modal.
Does anyone know what a good fix would be? so that the facebook iOS native modal shows on top of any modal or anything in my app?
Note, that it seems to work fine with web and browser behavior…


Hey @apps.eugene,

Unfortunately configuring either of Modal’s properties is not an option here. One thing that comes to mind is leverage the visible prop of your RN modal and have it set to false when the user taps on the component that calls Facebook.logIn... (you may want to use setTimeout to create a more elegant transition between the two animations so they don’t conflict).


Yea I was thinking to do the same thing. Also considering a pure js ‘modal’ option with an absolute positioning (but would have to re-build same transitions, look, etc).
Thanks for the advise though!

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