Facebook Login and Show up in Firebase Authentication list

Hi, I am new to expo

I am making a app that allows user to login with facebook and firebase emailAndPassword.
I used logInWithReadPermissionsAsync(appId, options) and it works but the facebook user does not show up in my firebase user authentication list.
How to I login with facebook and tell firebase that this user is logged in with facebook so I can update user info by or get user infos easily by firebase.auth().currentUser.

I have enabled facebook login in firebase and placed the firebase redirect url https://retrieve-55769.firebaseapp.com/__/auth/handler in my facebook login setting but I still cannot get the facebook user to show up in my firebase user authentication list

Never mind. I figured it out. I missed the part talks abaout it in the documentation.

const credential = firebase.auth.FacebookAuthProvider.credential(token);

    // Sign in with credential from the Facebook user.
    firebase.auth().signInWithCredential(credential).catch((error) => {
      // Handle Errors here.