Facebook Check-in

I need to make anything that allows me to make a check-in on facebook, it can be by a button…
I don’t know how to do, tried to use fbsdk, but i didn’t work.
Thank you

@lucasfls it’s hard to help without knowing exactly what you did/how it didn’t work. If you post a snack link we can try to help out.

Sorry, my bad, i tried to use the react-native fbsdk, but i didn’t worked since i need to detach from expo to access the native code. Then, i just give up of the reac-native-fbsdk and i’m trying to figure out a way to make this. I don’t have any code now, so i can’t post anything.
What i need is to know if there is a way to make an facebook check-in by the App, but i was searching some solutions, and it’s not so simple as i thought. First thing is that you can’t just send your latitude and longitude to make check-in, it’s needed to have a place to make the check-in.
Actually i’m trying to do it via web, getting a list of nearby places passing the coordinates and selecting one to do the check-in.