Facebook Audience Network ads not being requested in Android app

I have an Expo app that’s currently on the Play and App store. The app makes use of the Facebook Audience Network integration and the iOS version requests and displays ads fine. A couple cents have trickled in. The Android version however seems to never request an ad from Facebook, even though the code is the same.

I’m wondering if there’s some extra set-up step I’m potentially missing - I’ve looked through the docs and can’t seem to figure it out.

Anyone encounter this?

We have had at least one report that Facebook is requiring a newer version of Audience Network on Android. Check for a related message in your device logs.

In case that is indeed the issue, we’re planning to release a minor update later this week which bumps to a newer Audience Network version.

Thank you for letting me know, unfortunately I don’t think there’s an easy way for me to access device logs from a real Android device using my app. I developed using genymotion only, had a couple Android-using friends test the app before it went live.

I am assuming I am doing everything else correctly involved in setting up FB Ads, so I will wait until you guys push out the update and then test again. Hopefully that will do it!

When do you think the update will be available? Thanks!

It’s available! cc @jesse

Great! What is the version tag?

On iOS I updated to ~4.22, not sure about Android but it’s probably the same. If you re-run exp build you’ll get this fix on either platform.

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