facebook ads issue for conectivity

As refer to the link https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/facebook-ads/. I have went through step 5 “5. Render the ad component” successfully.
After that a new thing like BannerAd title started which has no connectivity witht the above topics like

        onPress={() => console.log('click')}
        onError={error => console.log('error', error)}
this block has no link with the first five steps.
So my question is how a user will know the exact steps.
please it should be a connective and step wise example.
I am getting the error when I follow to step 5. my expo version is "31.0.0"

Hey @naveedshah,

Unfortunately we longer support SDK31. You’ll want to upgrade to at least SDK33 (and need to if you plan on putting your app in Google’s Play Store). Can you try upgrading to SDK33, 34 or 35 and see if you experience any issues?


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thank you so much.
Sir then I use the script
onPress={() => console.log(‘click’)}
onError={error => console.log(‘error’, error)}
the steps explained from 1 to 5 on this link https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/sdk/facebook-ads/.

i have facing same issue in SKD 35 its giving error 1203, ask for upgrade my SKD i am already using expo facebook ads version 7.0.0

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