Facebook Ads in a detached app

Can I use the Facebook Ads module in a detached app (harnessing expokit)?

Yes. You can use the Facebook Ads module both in a normal Expo app (without ExpoKit), and also with ExpoKit. All of the normal Expo APIs are still available with ExpoKit.

Thanks @ben. I read this article you wrote here https://blog.expo.io/breaking-change-facebook-app-id-required-to-enable-facebook-libraries-in-expo-sdk-a414d98cc09a. I run up against this error when trying to use the facebook ads module No Facebook app id is specified. I’m in a detached app - and I did not have a facebookAppId or a facebookDisplayName property in my app.json before detaching. I added those keys after detaching. Could that be part of my problem? Should this still work?

Ok so I added
<key>CFBundleURLTypes</key> <array> <dict> <key>CFBundleURLSchemes</key> <array> <string>fb{your-app-id}</string> </array> </dict> </array> <key>FacebookAppID</key> <string>{your-app-id}</string> <key>FacebookDisplayName</key> <string>{your-app-name}</string>

this to my info.plist. That seems to have taken care of the facebookApId Error. But I still get a vague error when trying to place an interstitial ad to the tune of Server Error.

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