Extremely large apk size 45MB

Please provide the following:

  1. SDK Version: 35.0.0
  2. Platforms(Android/iOS/web/all): all

I created expo app with managed workflow(couple tabs, navigation etc.). Everything is good except apk size. It is too big 45.6 MB . I cant understand why ? Everywhere talking about 25MB. If 25 MB it is Ok for me, but 45 is toooo BIG. What I can do?

hello! you should use an android app bundle, see https://docs.expo.io/versions/v37.0.0/distribution/building-standalone-apps/#3-start-the-build

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Hello, Expo uses under the hood quite a variety of apis and such, which you might or might not use. This is done to enable over the air updates in case you end up using said packages later, which means the binaries are quite big.

I’ve recently tested making a build for an app I’ve been working on and so far it has quite a lot of screens and extra packages installed and it is around 48-50MB in size.

This post has more Information

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this is also true! it’s worth noting though that if you produce an apk the size will definitely be large because it includes code for multiple architectures and device types. android app bundles are taken by google and then they produce apks for different devices. apps sent to the play store these days, especially with the requirement 64-bit support, should use app bundles. more about app bundles here Inspect app versions with the app bundle explorer - Play Console Help and on the link i shared above

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I made it, but aab file size become 47.8 MB :frowning:

yes… then google takes that and splits it up to smaller apks… see the link i shared :stuck_out_tongue: when you submit to the store you will see the apk sizes

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