Extreme Aggravation with OTA Updates


I’ve been struggling big time with my OTA bundle not updating. I’ve run it from the CLI (expo publish) or from the browser thingy that expo-cli opens for me, and my code just refuses to update. It all started when I upgraded from SDK 30 to 31. I was using mobx-react and the upgrade went completely messed up due to the incompatibility of sdk 31 with the transform-decorators-legacy babel preset (I believe this was the cause, not 100% sure). Everything was failing silently as far as I could tell; it was all working correctly on my machine but then expo publish was failing to update any code.

I worked on the decorator situation and got it to where I think it’s fixed. But some of the old files I worked on when I had the publish issue going on just completely refuse to update. I had to resort to renaming one of hem just now. It seems like after renaming the file, the OTA update worked. But this is completely insane… in order to make sure my whole app is updated I’d have to go around renaming hundreds of files and then I’d be stuck with terrible file names. I suppose I could programmatically add underscores to everything and then remove them later at a future version but I just want to know if there’s something I’m missing or any kind of help I can get on this matter.

Right now it’s going back and forth between the old code and new code. Unbelievable, utterly unexplainable behavior. Please help.

Is there a way I can just get rid of the OTA process altogether? If I create an IPA file with expo build:ios does that include the actual current state of my JS files in it?

hi there! i passed this on to people who work on it. until then, you can disable updates entirely as described here if you like: https://docs.expo.io/versions/v31.0.0/guides/configuring-ota-updates#disabling-updates

if you can email secure@expo.io with more information about your situation (username and app slug, which versions you’re finding it is switching between) it would help my colleagues investigate

Hey Brent, thanks a lot. I will follow up with that email. I will disable updates and try to issue a new build, thanks for that.

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