ExpoPushToken changes when building app via EAS Build, but old token for app built via expo:build remains valid too

ORIGINAL POST: I built a new iOS binary via EAS Build, and installed it via TestFlight. Started to receive duplicate push notifications. It looks like a new push token was registered in our db upon upgrading to the new binary built via EAS Build, but the old push token for the app built via expo:build also remains valid.

EDIT: I just noticed an error when loading the dev client build on my iPhone, No experienceId found. If it can't be inferred from the manifest, which led me to the docs saying experienceId is required: Notifications - Expo Documentation. I will try providing an explicit experienceId and see if that mitigates the issue.

UPDATE: explicitly setting the experienceId did not resolve the issue. If I revert in TestFlight to the old build, built via expo:build, then the push token is the old token, but if I update to the new build, built via EAS Build, the token is the new token, even with both app versions running code that explicitly passing the same experience id.

Hi! Did anything else about the project change, or everything (including dependencies) are identical between the eas build and expo build versions?

@charliecruzan I tried to limit the change as much as possible, the only changes, aside from creating the eas.json config file, was adding plugins: ["expo-dev-client"], to app.config.ts and adding the following dependencies:

"expo-dev-client": "^0.6.0",
"unimodules-file-system-interface": "^6.1.0",

Can you send me the push tokens (both old and new) that both point to the same device? send to cruzan@expo.dev